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Tigers Visit the Main Street Fire House

On Thursday March 3rd, the Pack 99 Tiger Den made a visit to the Main Street Firehouse here in town.   The purpose of their visit was to work on their Tiger requirement: Safe and Smart.   During their visit the boys learned about fire safety, stop drop and roll and the importance of having a safety/evacuation plan at home.   And of course, they got to climb all over the trucks!  Thank you very much to the volunteers at the Denville Fire Department!


Den 1 Tigers Visiting the Fire House

Winter Camping – 2016

During the weekend of Jan 29-31, Pack 99 had it’s annual Winter Camping trip at Camp Glen Grey in Mahwah, NJ.   This was a 2 night event that was packed full of activities where almost 30 scouts and adults participated.   We learned how to build fires, we took a great hike, had snowball targets, made homemade zip lock bag ice cream and made lifelong memories.  If you are interested in going on future camping trips, but are unsure of how or what you need to participate, please speak with any of the Pack 99 leaders and we would be happy to help!


Tigers Take Their First Hike

On Sunday October 11th, 6 new scouts from our Tiger den logged their first Cub Scout Pack 99 hiking miles.   On this wonderful day they hiked the 2 mile loop at the Tourne County Park.  Here are a few pictures from the event.

Denville Cub Scout Pack 99

Tiger Den 1’s First Hike

Cubmaster’s Corner

As the the holidays approach and the year comes to an end, several changes will be taking place in Denville Cub Scout Pack 99.  For those of you who didn’t know, we are losing some fantastic scouts and families as the Arrow of Light Scouts cross over to Boy Scouts in February.

Most notably, we are losing some fantastic, enthusiastic and tireless pack leadership.  Due to their boys crossing over, Christine Robinson, Dan Muraszko and Dave Bien are stepping down and passing the baton to a new group of leaders of Pack 99 as of the end of 2015.

Their amazing efforts have led to the wonderful scouting experience that all of our families have experienced over last several years.  We wish all of these volunteers, scouts and families the best of luck during their journey through Boy Scouts.

Thank you all very much!

Denville Cub Scout Pack 99 Leaders












Pack 99 at the Lakeview Fall Fun Fest

We need volunteers for the Lakeview Fun Fest on Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 1pm-5pm on the school grounds. Wear your yellow Pack 99 T-shirts to the fun fest to represent the pack! We’ll have shifts for the following stations, so consider volunteering:

  • Pinewood Derby Track
  • Water Bottle/Coca Cola Rockets and Display (launches every 15 minutes)
  • Carnival Type Games
  • Recruitment Table

A Mom & Son PWD Story

I’ve got a funny story that I have just got to share.  A few weeks ago, a lady called me (I’ll keep her name a secret to protect the innocent).  It was her son’s last year as a cub scout and was running in his last Pinewood Derby.  She was the one who always helped him build his car. He had never brought home a trophy.

She said that there were a few dads  that finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd every year.  They consistently boasted and bragged for all to see… strutting around the gym floor like roosters.  She once overheard one of the boys say that his dad uses oil on his car.  Only graphite was legal.

She wanted to, at the very least, help her son finish in the top three this year but knew she would need some help.  She bought the Inferno EX kit and I gave her a few basic tips over the phone and wished them luck.  Her and her son built the car themselves… most of all… it was completely legal.

A few days ago, she calls and is ecstatic.  They had just finished their Pinewood Derby races.  Her son won every heat and finished first overall… bringing home the biggest trophy of the derby.  She said her son won convincingly and left a lot upset dads behind.  The dads inspected the car and grumbled under their breaths… showing clear signs of poor sportsmanship.  She was so happy.

She talked about the entire process from building the car to check-in and through each race.  Then she said something that really caught my attention.  She said she was so nervous before the race because she wasn’t sure what holes to put the graphite in.  So I just had to ask… “which holes did you put it in?”  She said she put the graphite in the holes on the body where the axles go in.  I asked her… “did you put any graphite in the holes on the wheels where the axles go through?”  She said that she put no graphite on the wheels.  I asked… “are you serious?”… “do you mean to tell me that your son won every race with no graphite on the wheels?”  She said… “yes, and by a whole lot.”



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